The Complete Guide to ConvertKit Landing Pages

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Landing Pages Overview

Creating a new Landing Page

Customizing the look of a Landing Page

Landing Page Settings

Landing Page Subscribers

Landing Page FAQ

Landing Pages Overview

Creating a new Landing Page

On the " Forms" page (your ConvertKit homepage), find the "Create New Form" button, located below the dashboard, but above the list of your Forms.

Create a Form

Select "A landing page."

Screenshot 2016-05-03 12.35.05

Select the Landing Page Style you'd like to start with. You can change this at any time in the Settings.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 12.06.58

You'll be taken to the Landing Page's front-end designer, where you can customize the look of your page.

Customizing the look of a Landing Page

We have four Landing Page styles to choose from. You can change the style at any time in the Settings.



This template features a large cover image, a place for copy, and our Full Form.


Screenshot 2016-05-03 12.06.58

The template places the form in the sidebar of the page, with the copy on the left hand side and a large banner across the top.

 Sliding Screenshot 2016-05-03 12.28.15

This template has a two step sign up process, where the form appears when the 'Subscribe' button is clicked. It also has a large background image.

The template can be tricky to edit, so I made a video walking through the process:

Here are some examples of the Slide Landing Page >>


Screenshot 2016-05-03 12.28.20

This template has a large text header, and similar to the single column template, has a space for copy, and our Full Form.

The Editor

Any area you can click, you can edit.

Use a thumbnail image uploader to add an image. You can also add an image to the Description Box.

Click the "Magic Wand" icon to change the colors of the button, accents and text.

Click View to see what your landing page will look like to your potential subscribers. Please note: This is also the direct link to your landing page. Copy the URL from your Browser window if you'd like to share the direct link!

Landing Page Settings

Main Settings

Main Settings

On this page, you can change the name of the page.

You can change the landing page into a form.

You can edit the inline success message, or redirect your subscribers to a separate thank you page.

This is where you  connect a Landing Page to a Sequence, too!

Make sure to Save any changes made on this page before navigating away.

Incentive Email

Incentive Email

You may know this as a Confirmation Email, as well. This is the email that sends when someone subscribes to your page.

You can choose to turn this email off, for a single opt-in process.

You can choose to turn this on, but auto-confirm users as they subscribe.

This is place to upload a lead magnet file, or redirect to a page upon confirmation.

You can completely customize this email to make it about your download, incentivizing your Subscribers to confirm!

Read more about the Incentive Email here >>


Screenshot 2016-05-03 12.16.38

On the style tab, you can change the template for your page.

There is an option to add Custom CSS. This is not recommended for any visual changes, as you can do most of those in the landing page editor itself.

You can also choose to alter the display options of your landing page form, whether you want to Continue to show it and Hide it. 

Note that the "Show Custom Content" option does not work with landing pages at this time.



The Embed tab gives you the code for our landing pages. However, this code is not embeddable on your website. 

If your site is run on Wordpress, you can use our Wordpress Plugin to host a landing page on your domain. Once the Plugin is installed, you will be able to overtake a page on your site with a ConvertKit landing page.

If you do not use Wordpress, or don't want to host the page on your site, we will host it for you!

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards

This tab has all the information you need to set up an opt-in Twitter Card! Read the full instructions here.

Please note: if you'd like to set up a Twitter Card, you should do this with a Form instead.

Other Options

Other Options

This tab allows you to duplicate your page, archive your page, or delete your page completely.

Please note: archiving your page will not remove it from your website or cause it to stop working, it will simply remove it from the Forms page in ConvertKit.

Landing Page Subscribers

Form Subscribers

On this page you can see how many visitors you've had to your Landing Page, how many subscribers, and your conversion rate.

The number of Subscribers is clickable, so you can click this number to access a full list of subscribers on your Landing Page.

On this page you can also see the traffic sources to your Landing Page, and you can view any specific traffic campaigns to this form you've set up.

Want to add a checkbox to your landing page?  Click here to find out how! 

Landing Page FAQ

How many Landing Pages can I create?

As many as you want! You are not limited to a certain number of pages.

Do I need to tag a user when they opt in to a Landing Page?

No, you don't! A Landing Page can actually be used in place of a tag. You can read more about that here.

Can I put a Landing Page on my non-Wordpress site?

You can only host our pages on a Wordpress site right now. That doesn't mean you can't use Landing Pages though! We can still host it for you, you'll just use the direct link (found when you click "View").

More Questions? 

Choose between Live Chat or Email. Either way, we're here for you.