How to Troubleshoot CSV Export Errors

Where did my Export go? 

Need to troubleshoot an import error instead? Go here:  Troubleshoot CSV Import Errors

I did not receive my Subscriber Export Email

Solution #1: The first thing we will want to check is the email that this Export is sending to. The Exports from your account are all sent to the email that you used to sign-up for ConvertKit. (Your login email) If you have checked, and this email is correct, move to the next step.

Solution #2: The Email has not come through yet. If for some reason your email provider is bouncing the email back, our server will try again, which will delay the email from showing up in your Inbox. Refresh your inbox. Still not there? Move to next step.

Solution #3: Your email may have received a Suppression and this will need to be removed by our Team. Contact our team at and include your account email, where the export should deliver to.

I can no longer download my Subscriber Export

Subscriber Export Files are only available for 24 hours from time of export. If it has been longer than 24 hours, simply re-export the file to your email.

Can I Export my Custom Fields?

At this time only First Name and Email are Exported from ConvertKit.