Creating Multiple Users in Your ConvertKit Account

You asked. We listened. 

We now have the ability for you to have multiple users on your account!

You can give your Team one of two roles: Admin or Editor

The Admin has access to the entire account, just like the owner. (Who is also categorized as an Admin.) 

Editors only have the ability to edit content. An Editor cannot access Account Settings, but will be able to do everything else within the account.

After logging into the account, you and your team will be able to see which account version you're using, in the top left corner, like this:

If you have given a team member Editor Status, they will not see any bar in the top left hand corner.

Now How Do I Set This Up?

Let's do this. Go to your Account Settings and find the new Tab, "Team." 

Click on that tab, and you will see the ability to add Team Member.

Click "Invite a team member" and fill in their information.

Once the invitation is sent they will show as Pending until they accept! 

Once they accept your invitation, you can see that they are confirmed on the same page.

Note: Make sure the Team Member you are adding does not have an account (open or closed) with ConvertKit because they will not be able to use that email address to be added to your Team.

How Do I Accept an Invitation?

To accept an invitation, you will go to the email that was sent to your Inbox and click "Join the team".

You will be taken to a sign-in page that will allow you to create a password.

Once you click "Join Account" that's it.

Congrats on creating your Team!

Having issues with building your team? 

You may have seen a 500 error when adding in your team members to your ConvertKit Account, but do not fret! This has an easy fix!

The 500 error is created due to not having an owner named on the account. Go in to your Account Settings>Team and add an Owner (or change the current person to an Owner).

Now you and your team are ready to get to work!