Why aren't my forms being shown in Wordpress?

Haven't set up the ConvertKit Wordpress plugin? Start here.

If you're using the ConvertKit Wordpress plugin and your forms aren't appearing when you set the plugin defaults or the shortcode provided in  the embed options for your forms, the fix may be as simple as resetting your API connection! To reset the connection:


Go to your wordpress dashboard and navigate to Plugins → ConvertKit → Settings


In the general settings of the plugin, you'll see 'API Key' and 'API Secret'. Remove the text in both of those fields and save your changes.


Go to your account info in ConvertKit ( found here) and copy the 'API Key' and 'API Secret' shown there to the ConvertKit Wordpress plugin.


Save changes again for the plugin.

After you've reset the API, look for your form in the plugin defaults or embed the form using the form shortcode. You should now see the form appear!