The Incentive Email

(Approximately a 3-minute read)

As the first touch with your subscribers, your Incentive Email can be leveraged as a powerful first impression. It's easy to dismiss your incentive email, (or auto response), as 'just' the double opt-in. Recognizing the opportunity this auto response gives will set the tone for your long-term list.

Engage Subscribers With Your Autoresponder In 5 Easy Steps

Before You Begin: Go to your Incentive Email in the sidebar settings of your Form.  It looks like this →

Now you’re ready to get started!

1. Write Your Best Subject Line

This is your first contact with your brand new subscribers! By default, the Subject line is, "Important: Confirm your subscription." However, like many fields within your ConvertKit account, this is customizable.This can help your subscriber to spot this first email more quickly. So have fun with it! Here are a couple of ConvertKit tips to get you started:

  • Subscribers are interested in list posts. Letting your subscribers know that your email only contains 5 tips can help lead them to opening and reading the email.
  • Be your sincere self. Your subscribers want authenticity! If you’re a naturally lively person, add that flavor into your subject line!

Read Nathan’s full post on subject lines here →

Tip: For a personal touch, try adding your subscriber’s name into the email!

2. From Email Content To Click-Through

Here you will add your email content. This text box is also customizable, and HTML capable. Text entered here will appear above and below the button in the email. Just make sure to keep it short and sweet. This should all be aimed toward your subscriber taking that one action: click that button.

Tip: The Incentive Email uses your default Email Template. For best results, use the Text Only template, or create an incentive-specific template, and set that as your default template. (You can edit your templates on a per Broadcast or per Sequence basis, as needed.)

3. Attach Your Awesome Freebie

Once you have created a great lead magnet, (we know you’ve got this!), the Incentive Email is the best place to deliver it to your readers. You will simply attach your freebie, as a download, into your email. Once your subscribers click through, it will start downloading. Let the incentivizing begin!

4. Connect By Saying Thank You

You’re almost there! Now you can choose to direct your subscribers to your own custom thank-you page. This works well if you have a freebie vault, or just want to give them more extras on your website. You can even take this opportunity to thank them personally!

Tip: If you don’t have your own thank-you page, we’ll share ours!

5. Create A Confirmation Button That Makes Them Click

You’ve arrived at the final step! Nice work! Keep in mind: everything you can click, you can edit! If you're providing a download, you can edit your button to say "Download the PDF,” or, “Get My Freebie Now!” The best thing to remember is to make it sound like you!

One last thing: the Confirmation button matches your Form's Confirmation button. This means, once you select the button color for your Form, this color will also be reflected within your Incentive Email, to match! 

Nice Work!

You now have a fantastic Incentive Email for your subscribers! This is just one of many ways that ConvertKit can help you grow your list, and turn your side hustle into something profitable. For some great extra support with your set-up, we’d love it if you would take your lunch break with us! Brand new around here and want to see what the rest of ConvertKit can do for you?

Brand new around here and want to see what the rest of ConvertKit can do for you? Let us show you around!

Bonus: Need some help with button ideas? Here are a few!

To edit the Subscribe button, within your Incentive Email template, simply click into the button! You can select one of our fun, example phrases, listed above. Or, you can fill it in with whatever style, language, and personality that you prefer. Need more help to craft the perfect opt-in? Why not grab our special toolkit? Whatever you do, unleash the creativity!