Video 1: Welcome

We couldn't be more thrilled that you're here, to earn a living doing something that you love. 

We're here to help you do this! Watch this short video from Matt on the Success Team, and hear a little more about your next steps! (We promise, they're not scary.) 

As Matt mentions, we are excited to work with you, and we're ready to help in anyway that we can! We have two ways of getting in touch: 

Live Chat! 

 One of the best things about our support is our 24/7 Live Chat! You'll see a chat bubble appear, in the app, whenever there's a chat slot available. All you have to do is click and start typing!  Go here to chat now. 

Email Us!

We will always do our very best to respond quickly, with the answers you need. Also, we're kinda fun, and we hope that comes through too! There's no question too big, (or too crazy!), so reach out!   Go here to email us.

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