Understanding your ConvertKit Settings

Account Settings

This is the name of you or your business. This will be present at the top of your landing pages and in your email template.

API Key: You will use this key to connect with various integrations, such as our Wordpress Plugin.

API Secret: Some integrations (like Zapier) require your API Secret Key. This is used by any app that would Unsubscribe users on your behalf.

Your Profile

Company Name: This is the email address you use to log in to ConvertKit.

Password: The password on your ConvertKit account. 

Gravatar: Your account photo will pull from Gravatar.com. Head there to update and customize your photo

Email Settings

From Name: This is the name that will show up in the Inbox when you send email.

Reply-To Email: This is the email all your emails will be sent from, and all your replies will go to. Make sure this email address is one you own!

Default Time to Send Emails: This is the default send time for Sequences. You can update this on a per-Sequence basis, but this time set on this page will be the default.

Address: You are legally required to have a physical address at the bottom of your emails. It can be a home address, business address, or PO Box, but it should be a physical address.

Billing Information

Your Plan: This is the plan you are currently subscribed to, and the monthly cost. If you need to downgrade to a lower plan, please email help@seva.com. 

Card information: the card we have on file, that will be charged each month

Billing History: Pull up a history of your previous invoices and receipts.

Login Settings

Click on your picture to access your Login Settings.


Here you can update your account email address, your password, and your picture.

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Help and Resources

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