Using ConvertKit with Weebly

Connecting your ConvertKit Forms to your Weebly website is quite simple. Here's how you can add your opt in forms to your Weebly website today!

How to Get Your Form on Weebly

First, you'll want to either  create a new Form in ConvertKit, or go to your existing Form by going to the main Forms page in the top navigation bar.

Click into your Form and head over to the Embed tab toward the top right of the Form page. 

Choose the Raw HTML embed code.

Click on that code in the box and copy it.

Next, head to your Weebly blog.

Drag the Embed Code element to your page wherever you want the embedded content to appear.

Now you'll need to paste in the raw HTML from your ConvertKit Form.

Once you have copied the embed code, click inside the Embed Code element and select Edit Custom HTML. Then simply paste the code in place.

When you click outside of the element, your content should show up on the page, though there are some types of code that will not display anything in the editor. 

If that happens, the first thing to try is removing the javascript inside the form's HTML. Simply scroll back up to the top of the code and delete the very first line that starts and ends with script.

It looks like this 👇

In either case, you'll want to publish your site to make it available to visitors.