Setting up an RSS feed and FAQ

Push your new posts directly to your readers automatically! 

Setting up an RSS feed from your blog, to your subscribers, allows you to keep your audience engaged with each new post. 

Additionally, you also have the option of setting up a weekly digest, pushing through your most recent posts, with a link back to your blog, for each full post. Automation never looked so good! 

Add a new feed 

If you are setting up an RSS feed for the first time, this is what you'll see, when clicking on Automations > RSS: 

You'll click Add Feed, and type in the url of your blog/site, adding /feed to the end: 

This will check to make sure your feed is valid. ( Note: If you're not sure what the URL to your feed is, try

If your feed validates, it will appear below as a message, the Single post option by default. This means you did it correctly! 

RSS Settings

There are two options for your RSS feed settings: Single Post and Digest. 

A single post will automatically generate an entire post into a draft, in Broadcasts. It's important to note that this option will include the entirety of the blog post, therefor, a link back to your blog is not included. 

This will also create a new Broadcast every time a new blog post appears on your feed. Depending on your feed settings, it will bring in the entire post, including images and links. (Feed settings are not something that can be controlled from within ConvertKit, and are set by the feed itself.) 

A Digest creates a "round up" email of recent blog posts, that you can run on a specific schedule. (Usually the most recent three posts are included here.) You can choose more than once a week, or as few as once a week. (There is not a way to go less than once a week, at this time.) 

Since a Digest brings over snippets of more than one post at a time, there is a link back to the blog or site, that is provided with this automated Broadcast. 

Recipients and Sending

First, you'll select your recipients just as you would in a regular Broadcast. If you decide to create drafts of posts, you will be able to then edit subject lines accordingly. 

If you check this box, posts will send 30 minutes after they are drafted, with no edits. 

RSS Troubleshooting

If you find that your link could not be verified, or that the posts are not successfully being pulled into Broadcasts, there is hope! You can test your feed in any RSS reader! Our recommendation is  Feedly!

Feeling Stuck? 

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