Webinar Attendee FAQ

At ConvertKit, we host (and co-host) a lot of webinars! With that busy schedule comes a lot of questions, and so we wanted to help you out. Here are what we think of as the most asked questions, regarding ConvertKit webinars! 

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Our Most Asked Webinar Questions 

Will there be a webinar replay?

Short answer: Yes! If you registered for the live event, then you will be able to access the replay, anytime! You should receive the replay link within 24 hours of the live webinar. Look for this link in the email you used to register for the webinar! 

Note: If a free trial is offered during a webinar, this offer usually expires 24 hours after the live webinar has ended. 

Looking for a specific or older webinar? 

We have you covered here, too. Here's the link for all of our previous, saved webinars, on YouTube: 

ConvertKit Webinars  

Not seeing what you're looking for here? No worries!  Reach out, and we will do our best to investigate the archives! 

Wondering about bonuses? 

Whether you are a customer with us yet, or not, it does not matter. We want to make sure that every webinar attendee receive the bonus from their webinar. This means that every registered participant will receive the webinar bonuses by email! 

You will see this email, following the webinar, within 24 hours. 

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