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What Is An Event?

Events are the orange icons, (think “Alert!”), and will pull a subscriber forward to that pointat any time they occur.

There are three types of events:

  • Tag is added (e.g. tag added when subscriber purchases product or clicks link trigger)
  • Tag is removed (e.g. tag is removed when subscriber completes a sequence)
  • Date occurs (e.g. day of live webinar and you want to start a sequence)

Now for a few specifics

Events will only pull subscribers forward, not send them backwards, or sideways, in an automation. In an automation, subscribers will always move forward.

Let’s Talk Examples

Let’s say a person buys your course. (Hooray!) This then pulls them out of your sales sequence, and into the thank-you sequence.

Takeaway: events are immediate and pull subscribers forward to that point, regardless of where the subscriber is.

Here’s an analogy, from our very own, Matt Ragland, that we affectionately like to call, ‘In The Club’:

Scene: You’re waiting in line at da club, and all of sudden, 50 Cent comes up to you and says “Let’s go in da club!” Off you bounce to the VIP! This is an event (and oh what an event it will be). No matter where you are in line, the event pulls you forward to the next step.

What About Date Occurs Events?

The three best examples to think of here are for live webinars, timed launches, and date specific challenges. Here are those scenarios:

Live webinars: set up a form as the entry point, with a welcome sequence as the following action. The date occurs event will trigger the day before, or day of the webinar, depending on the timing of your sequence emails.

Image 2017-10-08 at 7.21.10 AM.png

Timed launches: set up an entry point, then the date event follows, as the first day you want to launch your product. You are able to add multiple date events, depending on pre-launch, launch, and “closing soon” timing. Just add a new date event for each one you want to trigger, on a specific day and time.

Image 2017-10-08 at 7.24.35 AM.png

Date-specific challenges: Similar to our other two examples, you’ll use an entry point to hold subscribers at the top of the funnel, then a date event to trigger the action of starting a sequence. This is great if you’re doing something related to a specific date, like a “New Year’s Fitness Challenge” that starts on January 1st!

Essential takeaways

  • Events are immediate.
  • Events only pull subscribers forward.
  • Events can happen for tag added, tag removed, and date occurred.

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