How to begin a Visual Automation

The Doorway To Automation

Entry points in Visual Automations are the top of your funnel, where the subscribers enter and kick off their journey through the automation. When you first click to create a new visual automation, this is what you’ll see:


From here, you can choose a form, or a tag, to start the automation. Once you select the first entry point, click the + button on the side, in order to add more entry points. These follow “OR” logic, that is if “this form or this tag” is triggered, then the automation will begin.

For example,  you could have a subscriber who opts in through a form on your blog’s home page, and that can be a very basic entry point. Additionally, you might have a new customer who receives a tag from a purchase. This tag could then begin the automation as well.

Each automation can have up to 5 entry points

This isn’t in an effort to squash your creativity. We do, however, want to encourage you to create beautifully simple automations. If your automation is initially wider than the allowed entry points, you can split them into multiple automations.

Another great option for multiple forms to an automation is to group all of those forms to a tag, and have that single tag become your automation’s entry point.

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