Link Triggers Guide

Link Triggers: Powerful Forms of Automation

In this Guide, we'll walk you through what they are and how to set one up. We'll also cover what use cases are typically common for using Link Triggers.

So, what Is It?
A Link Trigger is a link that has an action tied to it, such that when a subscriber clicks on the link, that action takes place. For example, perhaps you want to create a link that, when a subscriber clicks, they get a tag or they get added to a sequence. This is an incredibly simply way to help track what links a subscriber may be clicking, or to segment your customers by giving a choice between different links. 

How To Create One
There are a couple different ways you can create a link trigger. The first is go to Automations at the top, then click on Rules, then click to create a new Rule, like so:

Once you do this, you'll see a screen like the one below. On the left side, where it asks you for a trigger, select "Clicks a link":

Next, you'll want to give your Link Trigger a name. (One that makes it easy for you to remember what this specific Link Trigger does!) From here, add a URL for where the subscriber is suppose to go, once the link is clicked. Finally, select an Action (on the right hand side) for what happens when they click this link.

Hand Over the URL

A URL is required no matter what. (No arguing.) This is to ensure that, if the subscriber clicks the link, they are redirected, helping them acknowledge that their click was successful. If you have a page (url) that you'd like to direct subscribers to, once they click the link, do it!

If you did not have a website in mind, and just wanted them to click the link so the respective action would take place, you can either send them to a generic thank-you page, or confirmation page, on your site, that says their click is confirmed. Or you can use our generic URL here, if you don't already have one:

You're welcome.

Your setup should look something like this: 

The above method is the absolute preferred way to create a Link Trigger if you wish to make one properly.

Don't Miss This Final Step! 

It is important to note that, after you do the above, you still need to add the link trigger(s) to your email. The automation rule will not work if you just have the rule set up above.

To add this to your email, wherever you create a link within your email, do so first by highlighting the word you wish to make a link, then click on the link icon in the editor bar, and choose Insert Link like so: Doing this will bring up the following menu. Leave all checkboxes unchecked, and leave the URL blank. Instead click on the dropdown box to the right, and select the Link Trigger you created earlier:

If you did this correctly, you'll see a lightning bolt icon show up like so:
Click Insert and that's it! Be sure to click Save! 

Alternative Method for Creating Link Triggers: Tagging Only

There is a way to create a Link Trigger, while you are crafting an email in Sequences or Broadcasts, if the only action you wish to take is to tag the subscriber when they click the link. Here's how: 

 When creating your link in a given email, simply enter the URL, check 'Tag subscribers who click this box', type in the name of your existing tag or the name for a new tag you want these subscribers to have, and click Insert, like so:In the above example, this will create a Link Trigger that tags the subscriber with the tag 'Google' when they click on the link. The only difference is that this Link Trigger won't be given a name, (which can get a bit tricky), and it is limited to tagging only. 

Use Cases

Some customers may already have an idea of why they would want to use Link Triggers. Others may not. Here are some common use cases you may consider when building out your own email marketing efforts.

1. One common reason for using Link Triggers is to tag subscribers when they click on a link. This is useful not only for tracking purposes, but also in understanding what customers are interested in. 

Let's have an example: Let's say your business is about teaching others how to start a career in tech. You might have a simple question like, "are you interested in becoming a programmer, design, product manager, or learning marketing", with four respective link triggers that tag them, base on the choice(s) they choose. From there, you can set up additional automations, or target specific emails, based on what they've clicked! 

2. Another use case for Link Triggers might be to help segment the customer further. Pretend the following Visual Automation is built out:

Here, if they complete the, "Customer Course", if they expressed interest and had purchased the course and now have the purchase tag, you can then create a condition that says, people who have this tag should go to the Post-Purchase Campaign sequence. If they don't, they should go to your Product Pitch Email Sequence, for different targeting.

Custom Unsubscribe Links

Another example of a common use case for Link Triggers is creating a custom unsubscribe link. Perhaps, you have subscribers that are on a particular sequence and by default, we only give them an unsubscribe from everything link. Maybe you want to give them the option to unsubscribe only from that sequence, but still remain a subscriber. You would set something up like this:

This basically says when the subscriber clicks on this link, it will only unsubscribe them from this particular sequence! 

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