ConvertKit Getting Started Guide

Start building your list in four steps

You’re here! We are so glad to be working with you. We want you to get started in the best possible way, so we’ve created a little starter (convert)kit, if you will.

See what we did there?

Following are a few basic steps, which you can follow all at once, or one at a time. Either way you’ll be on your way to successfully building your audience, and pursuing that hustle!

1. Create A Form

This is your starting point, and the best way to begin engaging with your audience! Whether you are building out your blog or website, or using that new form on your Facebook page, it is step one toward building your list.

Create My Form

You Can Also Customize

This form of yours can also be customized, as well as added to- if you need those custom fields. Check out this article on how to customize your opt-in form!

ConvertKit Hint:

Give the Javascript a try first, rather than the raw HTML. This gives it a much better chance of success!

2. Build Your First Sequence

This isn’t as scary as it sounds! Your first sequence, or Welcome Sequence, can be just a few emails long if you like. It is a great idea to consistently engage your subscribers in the beginning, and this is a great way to do it.

Build My Sequence

What To Write

Scared you won’t know what to say? Have no fear! We’ve compiled a great example list for you, which will inspire confidence!

Check out our content inspiration and Overcome the Blank Page!

3. Connect Your Form To Your Sequence

Look at you go! You’ve created an opt-in for your audience, you’ve built out your first sequence, and now you’re ready to connect the two! Here’s how to do this:

Connect My Form & Sequence

Once you’ve done this, feel free to run a test, by submitting your own email to your form. You should see your initial email come through, followed by the beginning email, in your sequence, according to the schedule you’ve set up, and any delays you’ve chosen. Just like that, you’re in business!

4. Set Up An Automation

Here’s where things really get fun. As you probably know, we’ve redesigned our automations, and they’re pretty spectacular. (If we do say so, ourselves.) The whole idea is to get your email marketing working FOR you, without a lot of extra time on your part.

This is where the new Visual Automations come in strong.

Create an entry point (like a form or a tag), and then select a sequence, where your subscriber will go. It’s like a roadmap!

Visual Automations FAQ

Extra help & common questions.

Understanding your ConvertKit Settings

There’s no reason why you can’t learn as you go! We have weekly workshops for this very reason. You can sign up for a live workshop, and also watch our recorded Lunch & Learn. We hope you enjoy these!

Lunch & Learn: Recording

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