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What You Need To Know To Get Started  

Our biggest product release, to date, is here! Visual Automations have arrived, and your life will never be the same. (No, really. They’re THAT good.) Our entire team has been hard at work, going over code, funnels, and the like, to make it happen. At times, it felt a bit crazy…  

We’re proud to say that we’ve made it to the other side, and we’re so excited to have you dive into this new feature with us!

Learning something new, however, can be a bit intimidating, no matter your excitement level. To remedy any nerves, we’ve provided some tools to better the experience. Ready to learn all about YOUR new automations? Let’s do it!

ConvertKit Visual Automations Big Book Of Terms

(not really)

Before we dive into the ‘how’, we want you to feel comfortable with the ‘what’. Once you have these under your belt, you’re ready to begin building out a brand new automation!

Here is a quick list of terms for Visual Automations:  


An  Event is when something happens, inside or outside of the automation, which causes the subscriber to be pulled forward, to this step of the automation.

There are 3 event options:

  • When a Tag is added to the subscriber, bring them to this step in the Automation. An example of this would be the purchase of a book or product!
  • When a Tag is removed from the subscriber, bring them to this step in the Automation. A likely example of this would be when a subscriber completes a sequence.
  • When a date occurs bring all subscribers to this step. This would take place, for example, on a launch date of a new ebook, or product release! If you select the date of September 25th, when that date occurs, everyone will move to that step in your funnel.

It’s important to note that all new subscribers will also move to this date, unless another date event exists, after the date you’ve selected.


Triggered by the step above it, an  Action is something set in motion: a sequence, or a tag applied, and more. Here are a few examples:

  • Add subscriber to a sequence
  • Add a tag to your subscriber
  • Delay set by weeks, days, or hours


Once the subscriber reaches this step within your automation, the system will run an if / else check, called a Condition. This will be based on these two options:

  • Does the subscriber currently have a tag?
  • Does the subscriber have a custom field?

These conditions then create two paths, for YES or NO!

Now For A Few Rules

You now have a better understanding of our new terms, and you’re ready for a few simple guidelines. Ready?

Subscribers can’t go backwards in a sequence.

No one needs to be driving backwards, anyhow.

Subscribers can’t be in multiple branches of an automation.

Trust us, it’s better this way.

Subscribers can be in multiple workflows.

Get your creativity on, because you can run subscribers through more than one workflow, at the same time! Very soon, we will be adding a template for this option! In the meantime, give the Internal Survey Method a try.

An Automation always ends.

Just like a good cup of coffee. It’s sad when it’s over, but you can make another!

Events can only affect subscribers in the automation.

Events will only happen for subscribers that have already entered in the automation. If you have a tag added event in the middle of your Automation, it will not pull subscribers to that point if they haven't entered from the beginning entry point. The subscriber must currently be in the Automation when the event occurs to pull them forward.

ConvertKit Visual Automations FAQ

As with anything new, there are always a few questions. We’ve included lots of FAQ’s here to help! As always, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can help!

If an event happens, does it apply to the previous sequence?

Nope! You cannot go backwards in a workflow.

How do broadcasts tie in?

Broadcasts will only tie in, if there is a link that is a trigger for starting an automation. ( Link Trigger)

If you want one email as a step in your Automation, you will need to add a 1-sequence email.

Can I create automation rules that drop subscribers into an automation?

Yes, if you use an event in the workflow, such as adding a tag.

How will “Sequence Settings” work on Forms?

Currently this option will allow you to add a subscriber to a sequence, directly from the form.

Will I lose reporting functionality?

Nope! Reporting will remain as is, within your account.

Migrating over your account?

We’ve got a tutorial just for you! You’ll want to read this to get started.

Can I see how it works? 

Yes! Yes you can. Here is a quick demo video with Matt, to show you how Visual Automations will look within your account:


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