Visual Automations Beta

Hooray! Visual automations are rolling out to ConvertKit users over the next several weeks, and if you're on the early access list you will see it available in your account soon! 

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Migrating to Visual Automations

Click here to read to learn how to migrate your automations and set everything up!

Beta Bugs & Limitations

When you use a beta release of a feature, bugs will be a part of it. In fact, that's one of the main reasons we release it in beta rather than pretending we figured it all out on our own! We've listed the current known bugs below. If you have one to report that is not listed, skip down to the bug reporting section.


  • Deleting conditions and events doesn't work properly
  • Deleting items may send “deleted” item to the top of the automation


  • Can't delete automations
  • Can't pause automations
  • Can't remove items from an automation

Bug Reports

Find a bug? Thanks! Here’s the best way you can help us solve it quickly and document the issue. Please follow the template below. 

Email it to

Subject: I found a bug in visual automations

In the email, please include:

  1. Quick description of the bug. 
  2. What you wanted to do. 
  3. What happened instead. 
  4. What you’re trying to do overall, and how this stops you. 
  5. The name of the automation in your account.

Beta Updates

August 8, 2017

A few exciting updates and bug fixes!

  • Stability and smoothness on the line drawings. You should no longer see lines whizzing off the page when you create complex automations.
  • Delete nodes! That's right, you can now delete nodes! Note that deleting doesn't work in some complex scenarios.  We're working on that though and please send any instances to
  • Dynamic name updates. When you edit the name of a form or landing page, it will now automagically update the graph.
  • "Date Occurred" and "Add Delay" steps should now be running.

August 3, 2017

Added the second wave of beta users. A few bugs have been fixed:

  • Added validation so you can't add empty items (this was causing the 500 errors).
  • Fixed editing an item so it no longer adds that item to the entry row.
  • Fixed the scroll to the top when adding a new sequence.

August 1, 2017

The first wave of beta users will have access today! Please note the current bugs and limitations listed above, along with the reporting process.

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