Website Resources

So you're ready to start hustling on your new blog? That's great! 

But what if you don't have a website or even a domain yet? All is not lost! We have some great resources for you to begin quickly. 

If you're tight on money and/or time, we recommend checking out Carrd! It's is a new and stunningly simple way to build a beginner website, about page, or portfolio. You can set up pages for free, but you'll need the Pro Standard plan to connect to ConvertKit forms. The great news is that this plan is only $19 for the YEAR.

Learn more about Carrd and how to set it up with ConvertKit

The Squarespace Startup Guide

Squarespace just might be the best setup there is for new bloggers who just want to get started and not fuss with a bunch of tech. It's so simple to use and looks amazing. It really mirrors what we want ConvertKit to be, the best combination of power, clarity, and simplicity.

In this short video, Matt shows you how to set everything up in Squarespace. Use the chapter markers to skip around to the right sections for you!


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Extra resources

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog

This might be commonly referred to as the “Beginner Blogger Toolkit”, but it’s far from basic and will take you well past that starting point. This Toolkit is full of advice from top bloggers, terms to get acquainted with, and everything you need to help you get your blog launched. 

Blogging will take time to get the hang of, it will require quite a bit of your creativity, but you can do it! Starting is simple. Take some time and start reading some of the blogs below and find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a blogger.

Get the Start a Blog Toolkit

The 10 Person Rule

When your website isn't quite ready and you aren't yet blogging, it might seem like a backwards move to start with an email list. After all, where are people going to sign up for this email list while you're busy writing your blog posts and getting your website ready for launch?
On a landing page! But you don't need your website or a separate service to get a landing page up and running. All you need is your ConvertKit account and this video to walk you through the simple steps to getting a home for your email list signups today:

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