How to add Seva forms to your Wix website

Connecting your ConvertKit Forms to your Wix website is easier than you might think. Follow along here for a walkthrough so you can add your opt in forms to your Wix website today!


Build your form in ConvertKit.

Head to the Form Settings and click on Embed on the left. Then choose the Raw HTML version.

Click on that code in the box and copy it.

Then head to your Wix blog.


Using the editor on the left, click the + button to add a new element. Then choose More and then select the HTML Code block option.

A box will pop up and you'll want to click Enter Code. Then paste the Raw HTML from your ConvertKit Form into the box that appears. 


Click Update.

You'll then see your form appear. You can re-size and move it to wherever you want it on your blog now!

And you're done! Look at you. You're a regular genius.

Note: Wix does offer a code tester if you want to try it out before you go live on your website:

If you have questions or need help, email us at or join our Slack Community: 

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