Gumroad Integration

UPDATE: We recently released a new feature called Purchases! Your Gumroad account will now send Purchase and Revenue Data to ConvertKit (without changing the connection process!). Read more here

The one thing all course creators and authors do is sell products. Here at ConvertKit our favorite platform for doing that is Gumroad. The team at Gumroad has made a checkout experience so beautiful and easy to use that customers love it.

Gumroad is doing for payments and commerce what ConvertKit is doing for email: creating well designed tools to enable creators.


So now I'm thrilled to announce this new integration! You can now send your Gumroad purchases directly to ConvertKit!

 47 seconds

It only takes 47 seconds to integrate Gumroad with ConvertKit and setup your first automation rule. Sounds pretty crazy, but I prove it in this video:

This also makes ConvertKit the first email marketing company to have a direct integration with Gumroad.

Sample ideas

So what does this let you do? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Sell a training product on Gumroad and then deliver one lesson per day through a ConvertKit email course.
  2. Exclude Gumroad purchasers from your marketing emails in ConvertKit.
  3. Easily email your customers through ConvertKit.
  4. Send an up-sell email course to everyone who buys your book, pitching them on your next product.

That's just the beginning. There are tons of things you can do with this sweet new integration.

Also, that doesn't even cover all the new automation features that are coming very soon.

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