Tagging people who purchase from you

UPDATE: We recently released a new feature called Purchases! All the fun of Tags, with more relevant revenue data right inside ConvertKit! Read more here

Tags are one of ConvertKit's most powerful features. (The other is Visual Automations.) 

When you're running an online store, tags are also a huge time saver. This is especially handy when you're running a sales sequence. It gives you the ability to filter who is a customer, and who is a potential buyer.

Cool things you can do with tags:

  • Exclude buyers from a sales sequence
  • Follow up with buyers and ask for feedback
  • Add them to a post-sale sequence that gives them extra tips on how to use your products
  • Offer an upsell to your buyers

How To Tag Your Customers

How you do this depends completely on the eCommerce platform you're using.

Here are some of the most common ones:

Check out their individual Knowledge Base articles to figure out how to connect them to your ConvertKit account.

One Thing To Remember

One thing you'll want to remember is you always want to do when it comes to settings this up is create an automation rule. This will make sure that, as soon as people buy from you, something happens with them: will they go into a sequence, do they get tagged, will they be removed from a sequence. The sky is really the limit here. Each subscriber is added to a Sequence, Tag, or Segment, saving you loads of time, while moving them through your flow effortlessly!

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