NEW: Improved Email Templates In App

Previously, you could choose between three default templates--Text Only, Simple, and Framed: 

Now, you can choose between three--Text Only, Classic, and Modern: 

And here's what they look like in an email. 



Note: The social media links and button code are added separately. You can get the code for those elements in this article.

Why the change? 

The Simple and Framed Templates rely on a coding language called the Ink Framework, a language designed to be mobile responsive. In doing so, it would override HTML and CSS, which could be a frustrating experience. Instead, we designed these templates to be responsive and still simple to use! 

What if I'm currently using the Simple or Framed templates? 

If you have a Simple or Framed template selected as your default, your emails will still use this template, and you will see it on your template page. 

What if I'm currently using a custom template, based on the Simple or Framed templates? 

These templates will still work as well, they won't be removed from your account! For all new templates, the Ink Framework code these templates are built with will not be supported, however. 

What if I'm currently using a custom template with the Ink Framework? 

This template will still work, but all new templates will support HTML and CSS only, and should not be built with Ink. 

If you need help transitioning your template from our retired styles to our new styles, we'd be happy to help! Please send an email to 


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