The Complete Guide to ConvertKit Forms (Advanced)

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Forms Overview

Customizing the look of a Form

Form Settings

Form Subscribers

Form Automations

Form FAQ

Forms Overview

Need to start at the beginning? Check out our Beginner's Guide to Forms!

Customizing the look of a Form

Any area you can click, you can edit. That means you can edit the Header, Description Box, anti-SPAM message, even the names of the fields (though we wouldn't recommend it).

click edit

Use the thumbnail image uploader to add an image. You can also add an image to the Description Box.

Click the "Magic Wand" icon to change the colors of the button, accents and text.

Magic Wand

Click View to see a preview of what your form will look like to your potential subscribers.

View Form

Please note: our forms are responsive, so you'll notice the full form expands to the width of the container. If placed in a smaller container, like a sidebar, it would fit the size of said container!

Form Settings

Main Settings

Main Settings

On this page, you can change the name of the form.

You can change the form into a landing page.

You can edit the inline success message, or redirect your subscribers to a separate thank you page.

This is where you  connect a Form to a Sequence, too!

Make sure to Save any changes made on this page before navigating away.

Incentive Email

Incentive Email

You may know this as a Confirmation Email, as well. This is the email that sends when someone subscribes to your Form.

You can choose to turn this email off, for a single opt-in process.

You can choose to turn this on, but auto-confirm users as they subscribe.

This is place to upload a lead magnet file, or redirect to a page upon confirmation.

You can completely customize this email to make it about your download, incentivizing your Subscribers to confirm!

For even more details and tips on this feature,  read this!



The Style tab allows you to further customize how your form displays to your Subscribers. You can choose between the Full, Minimal and Naked styles, and the Inline, Modal or Slide in displays.

If you choose the Modal or Slide in Forms, you'll be given additional display settings to choose from.

Exit Intent: the modal will appear when a potential subscriber mouses away from your page, to exit.

Scroll Percentage: the modal or slide in will appear when a potential subscriber reaches a certain percentage of the page.

Timing: the modal or slide in will appear when a potential subscriber has been on the page for a certain length of time.

And a modal form has one other display option: trigger with a click.

You can choose whether to display your modal or slide in on Desktop Only, Mobile Only, or All Devices. You can also choose how often you want to display the form to the same person.

All forms have a Custom CSS option. This means you can add custom styling rules to your forms. If you're not comfortable with this, we'd recommend leaving it blank.

The last option on the Style tab is to display your Form to current subscribers. You can choose to continue to display the form, hide the form, or show custom content. The custom content option is fully HTML and CSS capable.


The Embed tab gives you the code you need to add your Form to your website. You can choose from one line of JavaScript, to the full HTML, to the Wordpress shortcode.


If you choose the HTML option, please note that you will need to re-copy + paste to your site when you make changes to your form.

If your site is run on Wordpress, you can use our Wordpress Plugin to add a Form to your site. Once the Plugin is installed, you also have the option to use a ConvertKit shortcode to place your Form on a page, which you can find on this tab.

Other Options

Other Options

This tab allows you to duplicate your form, archive your form, or delete your form completely.

Please note: archiving your form will not remove it from your website or cause it to stop working, it will simply remove it from the Forms page in ConvertKit.

Form Subscribers

Form Subscribers

On this page you can see how many visitors you've had to your form, how many subscribers, and your conversion rate.

The number of Subscribers is clickable, so you can click this number to access a full list of subscribers on your Form.

On this page you can also see the traffic sources to your Form, and you can view any specific traffic campaigns to this form you've set up.

Form Automations

Most lead generation integrations come in through our Forms, like LeadPages, SumoMe, and OptinMonster.

If you create a form with a third party form builder, you'll want to create a Form to match in ConvertKit. You can think of your Form in ConvertKit as the backend to your other Form--it needs to exist to send your subscribers to ConvertKit. Then, you can run any automations based on the ConvertKit Form. Creating a ConvertKit Form for each third party form also makes it really easy to know exactly where your Subscribers opted in.

Forms FAQ

How many Forms can I create?

As many as you want! You are not limited to a certain number of Forms.

Do I need to tag a user when they opt in to a Form?

No, you don't! A Form can actually be used in place of a tag. You can read more about that here.

Can I put a Form on my non-Wordpress site?

Yes! You can embed our forms on Squarespace, and any other website builder that allows you to add HTML or JavaScript.

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