Changing The Text Case Of Your Subscriber Names

If you like to use the Personalization tags in emails, they will default to how a subscriber input their email address. For example, if I opted into your list as "nicole," and you used the personalization tags, you would start your email:

Hi nicole,

Though you may prefer to write: 

Hi Nicole,

instead! You could take the time to go through each Subscriber Profile and change the case of their first names. Or, you could add a little bit of code so that it will automatically capitalize their names! Here's how: 

First, you need to add a line of CSS to your Email Template. 

If you do not already have a custom Email Template, you can find the steps to creating a Custom Template here.


.subscriber-name { text-transform: capitalize; }

between the <style></style> tags.

Save your template.

Now, when you create your Broadcast or Sequence, select this template (or set this template as your default) while editing your Broadcast, or in your Sequence Settings.

In each email, you'll need to wrap your Personalization in the following tag:

<span class="subscriber-name">{{ subscriber.first_name }}</span>

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