The ConvertKit Workflow For Webinars & Workshops

Live Webinars and Workshops are a great way to interact with your audience, sell more products, and provide training sessions to customers. They are probably one of the best ways you can leverage your platform.

With other email providers, if you wanted to know who was present for each event, you would need to create a new list for each one! Depending on how often the workshops happened, this could get out of hand quickly.

Luckily, this is easy with ConvertKit. It only takes a landing page/form and a sequence. Here's what you do.

I'll use the terms workshops and webinars interchangeably throughout the article, but the process for each is the same.

Create the Landing Page

Select the landing page style you want, and write in the headline, hook, and details for the webinar on the Content tab. Then click on Settings and make any changes you want.

At ConvertKit, we use a single opt-in for our webinars and workshops. It keeps things simpler. To ensure people know they're confirmed, we use the thank you page redirect.

So when someone goes to to register for the weekly workshop, they are sent to This page gives them confirmation and details for the workshop.

If you want to host the page on your own site with a custom URL, like, you'll need to use the Wordpress plugin. Create a new page in Wordpress, then at the bottom of the screen you'll find the form options. Select your landing page and save.

Pre-Workshop Broadcast Emails

To communicate with the registrants before the workshop, use broadcasts. Since you can send directly to a form, simply select it and write out the content.

You want to use broadcasts instead of sequences before the webinar so the registrants all receive the message at the same time and a time you have chosen. Sequence are better for post-webinar pitches, which we'll cover next.

ConvertKit workshops have 3 emails that go out before.

  • 24 hours before
  • 6 hours before
  • 30 minutes before

If you run a recurring workshop (like we do), then you can duplicate the broadcasts each week and update the times.

Post Workshop Sequences

After the workshop is over, you want to send the replay and follow up pitch. This is best accomplished with sequences, because everyone has signed up now.

First, take down the registration page on your site (if you want to stop late registrations).

It's best if you create the sequence before the workshop begins so you can start the attendees on it right away.

Make sure you add the replay link and any Buy Now! links to the product or service. For the replay, consider adding a screenshot of the player to emphasize this is "where you watch." Here's an example.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 7.05.08 AM

Note that videos cannot be embedded into ConvertKit.

How Many Emails in the Pitch Sequence?

ConvertKit uses 4 emails in the follow-up pitch, with these goals.

  • Email #1: Replay and short offer reminder. This is the day of the workshop.
  • Email #2: Describe the problem and how your offer service solves it. 1 day after.
  • Email #3: Share success stories and best practices. 2 days after.
  • Email #4: Answer the main questions and concerns that keep people from buying, and announce the deal is expiring that night! 3 days after.

Expiration Broadcasts

The last email you send out should be a broadcast, because as of this writing, sequences only allow you to send one email a day. Schedule it to go out the night your deal expires, about 60-90 minutes before.

Of course, if you would like to send extra emails (or fewer), please do it! Whatever works best for your audience.

Bonus Tips: Link Triggers & Buyer Automations

Two of the most powerful features of ConvertKit are Automation Rules and Link Triggers. Here's how you can use them in your pitch sequence.

Create an Interest Tag & Link Trigger

Create a new tag for customer interest. Now go to the Automations and create a link trigger.

  • Describe it as [Product Interest].
  • Link URL should be the [Buy Now URL].
  • Set the action to add Customer Interest tag.
  • Go to the sequence and add the link trigger to each email.

Remember, you have to choose the link trigger from the drop-down menu to the right of the link field. Don't just paste in the URL!

Now, when someone clicks the link in your email, they will be tagged as "Interested" in the product!

Create a Buyer Automation

Next you want to create an automation for people who actually buy. Let's say the pitch is using Gumroad, but there are many services you could use here, and even more with a Zapier integration.

  • Choose the trigger Purchases a Product.
  • Select the product.
  • Set the action to add the tag Product Buyer and remove the tag Customer Interest.

Now you have automatically updated tags of the people who have bought, and people who are interested. THere's one more piece of the automation you can set up if you want.

Sequence Switching

Once someone has bought your product, seems a little silly to keep sending them pitch emails right? They bought your thing! With ConvertKit it's easy to take the buyer off the pitch sequence and add them to a new sequence to say thanks and give more details. Heres' how.

First, follow the instructions above for link triggers and automations. On the buyer automation rule, add these two action steps.

  • Unsubscribe from the pitch sequence.
  • Subscribe to the new buyer sequence.

That's it!

Downsells & Surveying

What do you do with those people who were interested but didn't buy? You know who they are, thanks to the link trigger, but why didn't they buy? Here are two great ways to reach them.


The first thing to do is send a broadcast asking why they didn't buy. It's ok to mention you "noticed" they were interested. Ask if they have any questions, concerns, or drawbacks to purchasing. Encourage them to reply and reach out to you personally.


For anyone who is still left in the interest tag after your survey email, you can try a downsell. This technique is selling a scaled-back version of your product (if possible).

If you have a course, consider selling individual sections, or only the written content without video or audio content.

If you have an ebook (like Nathan's Authority) with a deluxe level, complete with interviews and worksheets, consider selling just the PDF.

If you have a SAAS product (like ConvertKit), just remind them to sign up for a monthly subscription, rather than the entire year bundle deal.

Nathan used this technique specifically for Authority to generate thousands of dollars in additional sales.

What's Next

Webinars and workshops are one of the best ways to connect with your audience and share expertise with them. Even if you're doing a simple "office hours" call once a month, your audience will appreciate the live access to you.

Give it a try and have fun!

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