How do I create an opt in with checkboxes or a dropdown list?

We're glad you asked! By default, we offer 3 main formats that you can then embed on your site 3 different ways (learn more about our Forms here). You also have some customization options when it comes to changing the HTML to make those specific updates. However, the one request, that we have repeatedly received, is for an option to add checkboxes, or a dropdown list, directly into the Form. Since we currently don’t offer a way to implement something like this directly within our Form settings, we have come up with a great workaround to make this happen!

Checkboxes and drop down list section boxes are a great way to ask your subscribers their interests/attributes, create a survey for them to determine the funnel which they will flow into, and be able to categorize them into smaller groups on your list. 

Ready to set it up? 

What is the workaround in ConvertKit?

As a workaround you can use our Link Trigger automation rule to create an Internal Survey for your subscribers after they opt in. Here are the step by step instructions to make that happen:

  1. Your subscribers will still opt in via a Form or Landing Page on your site. It’s also possible that they are being added to your list via an integration as well.
  2. First step to the setup is creating the Automation Rules for the Link Triggers. This is done under Automations >> Add a new rule. Here you will be able to determine where you would like your subscribers to go once they choose their option(s): other Forms, Sequences, or Tags.
  3. Next, you’ll need to create a one email Sequence to put your Internal Survey together. We suggest setting the email to send immediately after opt in, by selecting to send it in “0” days. Think of this as your welcome email, provide any necessary information or just say thank you to your subscribers for signing up. Then you will be able to display the Internal Survey options in a list. Here are some common examples:
    1. What types of topics would you like to hear about?
    2. Which of these countries are you from?
    3. What stage of your business/education are you at?
    4. Which one of these pertains most to you?

Remember, the point of this Internal Survey is to get to know your subscriber better and understand exactly how to organize them within your list for better engagement.

4. Lastly, you will highlight each option within the Sequence email, click to insert a link for each one, and select the correct Link Trigger to attach for the action.

5. That’s it! Now you can add this sequence as mandatory to your opt in and start collecting that information from your new subscribers. 

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