How can I add a subscriber's name to my email?

In the Email Editor, there is an option called "Personalize." If you click this, you'll see 3 options: 

Choosing one of these options will insert what is called a "Merge Tag" into your email. A Merge Tag will pull information from your subscriber's profile and automatically insert it into the email. 

Note: While our merge tags are based on Liquid, it is a custom implementation. Therefore, modifications to these merge tags will not work inside Broadcasts and may not work inside Sequences. We do not support modifications to our merge tags. 

Subscriber's Name

If you select this option, it will insert the First Name Merge Tag, {{ subscriber.first_name }}

When you send a test email to yourself, or preview the email in a Browser, you will see [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]. That means it's working! 

When this email sends, it will be value in Name Field of your Subscriber Profile: 

Subscriber's Name (with fallback)

If you select this option, it will insert the First Name Merge Tag, {{ subscriber.first_name }}. It will also include some fallback code, in case a Subscriber has not shared their first name with you!

You can change "Hello" to whatever you'd like! When editing this code, be very careful not to edit anything other than the "Hello" text. 

When you send a Preview, it will look identical to a Preview where you've only inserted the first name. 

Here is what your Subscriber will see if they've given you a first name: 

Here is what your Subscriber will see if they have not: 

Subscriber's Email Address

You can also insert a Subscriber's email address into the body of your email. When you select this option, you will see the tag {{ subscriber.email_address }} in the email editor. 

In Preview Mode:


Custom Fields

You can now insert the value of any custom field you've created into the body of an email! The tag name will determine what tag is added to your email body: 

Note: These are example custom fields, if you would like to collect Country, Last Name and Phone Number you will need to create your Custom Fields first. 


Where do Merge Tags work? 

You can add Merge Tags to your Broadcast or Sequence body or subject line. Merge tags will also work in our Email Templates. 

The only place Merge Tags will not work is in the Incentive Email, either in the body or the subject. 

I'm getting an error when I click "Browser Preview." 

If you see an error similar to this when you try to preview your email, it is because something is wrong with your Subscriber's Name (with Fallback) syntax. Best practice is delete that section, and re-add the tags from menu. Be extra careful about modifications to these tags.