Build a custom tag select box

This is an advanced topic. If you aren't familiar with coding in HTML, CSS, and PHP, it's not for you. Instead hire a developer and point them to this article and our other articles on using the API.

If you do know how to code, this article should give you a starting point.

Here's the raw code:

.gist tr { border-bottom-width: 0; }

Places to customize:

  • Add your form ID to the form action (line 6)
  • Add the same form ID to the hidden input (line 9)
  • Set your API key (line 12)
    You can find this on your account settings page
  • Customize the tag names and set the value to the tag ID (lines 32-35).
    You can find the tag IDs by editing a tag inside ConvertKit and looking at the URL.
  • Replace {thankYouURL} with your desired redirect URL in the JS. (line 81)
  • Style the form fields to match your site.

And with that you're done!

Would you like help customizing your Form? 

Melissa Thorpe is a ConvertKit Certified Expert and Wordpress Developer. Let her do the work and set up this Custom Tag Select Box for you! 

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