Hide First Name Field on a Form

A very simple form option 

In some cases you may want to remove the first name field altogether. Here's how:


Click on the first name field and make sure it's not required (uncheck the required box).


Add one line of CSS to your form by clicking the magic wand in the sidebar and pasting the following in the Custom CSS box:

input[name="first_name"] { display: none; }<br>

For Legacy forms (pre July 2018) 

Add one line of CSS to your form. Just drop in one line of CSS and you can hide the first name field from your visitors:

.ck_first_name_field_group {display:none;}

Note: if you want to hide it for the naked form style, the css will be added as: 

.ck_first_name {display:none;}

That code can go under the style settings for each form. Or, if you wanted it to apply to every form on your entire site you could add it to your main site stylesheet!