Creating a sequence

A sequence is a series of automated emails, timed directly to when a subscriber first signs up, or is first added to the sequence by another action. A sequence is especially great for building out a course, a welcome series, or a number of other things. 

Sometimes, building out your first sequence can be a bit intimidating. In case this is you, we have a bit of  inspiration here to steady your nerves, and open up your creativity!

Use a Welcome Sequence to immediately connect with your newest subscribers

A Welcome Sequence is a great way to connect with, and engage, your brand new subscribers. It can be anywhere from 3-5+ emails, and provides a great opportunity for you to offer the new members on your list a little more information about yourself, your blog, or maybe even the course or product that is coming down the line. (Although, not too heavy on that last bit. Little hints work great!) 

No matter what you decide to include in your Welcome Sequence, having one is key. Throw out the welcome mat, open the front door, and invite them in! 

Setting Up Your First Sequence 

You will notice that, just like  creating a new form, you can click into your Sequences tab, and then select Create New Sequence. 

Once you click this button, you'll name your sequence, click Create Sequence, and then your very first email template will appear! From here, you can add your Subject, and fill in the content. You'll notice that it automatically populates in Draft: 

This feature is automatic for every email that you create. To enable sending, you'll change this option to Publish. Additionally, you can add on as many emails as you like, for your sequence. A good tip is to add those up front, fill in the content field with just an outlined idea of what you'd like to say. From here, you can go back in, and build out the details of each email! 

Check out Matt's quick walk-through of Sequences and Broadcasts!

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