Link Triggers

Link Triggers are a powerful form of automation within ConvertKit. Here's how to set one up!

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First, click on the Automations tab > New Rule. From here, select and add the link that you want to use, to trigger the Action. Lastly, you will set the Action.

Save your changes and then on to the next step!

Do I have to add a link to my link trigger?

Yes. It's important that your Subscribers know that their click registered. If they clicked and nothing happened, they would assume their click didn't work either, and then they would be emailing you to make sure! It's best to confirm it worked in some simple way.

What link should I add to my link trigger? 

We created a simple thank you page for you to use:

Step 2: Adding Link Triggers To Your Emails

Adding a link into your email doesn’t automatically create a link trigger. You will need to tell your link triggers when they need to kick into action. Don’t worry, it’s a simple process:

Select the sentence you want to use as a link, and then click the link icon.

Next, add in the link, and click on the lightning bolt icon to select the link trigger that you created earlier.

Save those changes! When you hover over it with your cursor, you should see the lightning bolt icon in the email editor. This is how you know that it’s set up correctly!

Screenshot 2016-03-22 14.04.51

That’s all there is to it! Now you're ready to send. That was easy wasn't it? If you'd like to see more of what Visual Automations can do,  check this out

Using a link trigger for GDPR consent 

You are able to set up a link trigger specifically for opt-ins that need to comply with GDPR regulations. A simple example of what your link triggers could say might be: 

"Click here to consent to future emails from me" AND "Click here to consent to using your email address to personalize ads."

When you click into creating a new rule, the tag choices for GDPR will show up as options for your link trigger result: 

You will want to follow the same basic set-up steps for creating a link trigger, and then simply choose these tags to be added for GDPR. 

More GDPR questions? We have more documentation on this!  Go here to read about feature options.

Need some more instructions? Our video tutorials are great for that:

Add a subscriber to a Sequence with one click!

Tag a subscriber with one click!

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