Growing your email list with content upgrades

One of the best ways to grow your email list is with a content upgrade. ConvertKit users like Katie at Wellness Mama have used this strategy to exponentially grow their list, and it's really easy to do! I’ll take you through the process step-by-step and show you how to do this entirely through ConvertKit. No need to have any additional software like LeadPages, SumoMe, Instapage, or Rapidology. 

#1: Create a Content Upgrade

Make it simple for your first upgrade. Go into Google Analytics and find the post with the most traffic. Copy that url. Done. That’s your first content upgrade. If you scratch your head and ask,

“Why would I create an opt-in for a post that already exists on my blog?”

It’s a fair question, but the truth is that people are not diligently searching through your archives for the best posts. You need to guide them there! A popular post has already done the heavy lifting for you by proving its worth. Allow it to continue doing so.

The next level of content upgrade is to create a complimentary bonus to the post. That could be a checklist or resource guide, or chapter of your book, or bonus audio content from an interview.

#2: Create a Form in ConvertKit

Choose the form option in ConvertKit and write your headline. To keep it simple, simply use the headline of your popular post as the attention-grabber for the form. Remember, allow the content that has already proven itself valuable in doing the hard work.

Now, go to the settings tab to deliver the upgrade. If you are using the popular post method, click “Redirect to another page” upon subscription, and paste the url in so the reader immediately goes to the post.


Another option is to click the Incentive Email tab, then paste the url into the “Thank you page” url. If you’re giving away a PDF download (or other file), simply drag and drop the file on the same field.

#3: Style the Form & Choose Display Options

To style the form and how it shows up on the page, you can choose between inline, modal, or slide in. The display options let you choose a trigger based on time, scroll percentage, or exit intent.

You can also trigger the modal popup with a link, what’s being termed the “Pat Flynn popup” by many fans. There’s a dedicated article to help there, and it’s very simple.


#4: Placing the Form on your Website

You’ll place the form on your site the same as any other. THe only exception is the modal popup that I referenced above, just follow the instructions. You can paste the js code, raw html, or use the Wordpress plugin option.

Quick note for LeadPages users. If you are already using the Lead Magnet delivery options they provide, you do not need to replicate that option in ConvertKit. Just follow our standard LeadPages integration tips to make sure the email subscribers are sent to the right place!

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