My emails are going to spam. What should I do?

Deliverability is something we take quite seriously and we're so glad you are too. We do our part for you – a good 30% of the effort is on our end – but the majority of actions that keep your emails away from SPAM filters are on your end. The things that we can take care of for you are:

  1. Authentication (SPF & DKIM where applicable)
  2. Automated/immediate unsubscribe handling
  3. Complaint Handling
  4. Monitoring Blacklists
  5. Managing IP Reputation
  6. Feedback Loop Management

Beyond that, it's on the individual mailer to take care of things like keeping a clean list, overall domain reputation, email content, and contact engagement. We supply the foundation that allows our customers the possibility of 100% inbox ratings if they are following best practices. Unfortunately most marketers are blissfully unaware of their own role in getting that coveted inbox spot.

It is sometimes the case that a new customer get deliverability bumps or declines when migrating - but this is generally because anyone who had a positive reputation on a separate IP (another email provider) is now moving to a fresh sending environment - which often means a new whitelist needs to be added on the recipient's end.

The best thing to do is to make sure you're up to best practices in your marketing and you'll be great - consistency is key. Those best practices are:

  1. List Cleanliness - Is your list segmented so that only the right offers go to the right tag or segment?
  2. Domain Reputation - Is anyone else mailing on behalf of your domain - one bad affiliate can cause your mail to go to Spam. That's why we're so protective of our domain and IPs so we can keep you safe.
  3.  Contact Engagement - Have you made use of the Cold Subscriber feature lately and pruned your list?
  4. Email Content - Are you using a spam checking tool on your messages to check the content of your email? There are all kinds of words and phrases you can use that will trigger spam filters.Use one of these services to check the spam score of your email content:

If your email scores poorly, change your content to follow the advice. If it passes just fine, get in touch with our support team and we'll take a look.

If you'd ultimately like to setup a custom domain, your first steps to doing so are here.