What do the icons on subscriber profiles mean?

Here's our answer key for those subscriber profile icons:

Failed (red circle): There were several attempts to deliver an email and delivery failed.

Sent (half-blue circle): The email has been sent for delivery and is being processed. 

Delivered (blue circle): ConvertKit successfully delivered the email, but your subscriber hasn't opened it yet.
Opened (green circle): Your subscriber opened the email.

Clicked (gray circle with green circle inside): A subscriber clicked at least one link in your email.

Bounced (gold circle): This usually happens if:
  • Our system receives a 'bounce' from the email
  • The subscriber manually marks your email as SPAM
  • Your emails get blacklisted by an ISP for some reason
  • The email address is just plain invalid (i.e. somebody typed it in wrong on the opt-in form)