How do I get a link to my Landing Page?

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So you've created your Landing Page, made it look really nice, and now you're ready to get the word out and collect subscribers!

Since Landing Pages are hosted by us, you don't have to embed this on a website. It can exist on its own! 

Keep reading to see how to get the Sharable link to use.

How to Get the Share Link on a Landing Page

  1. Head over to your main Forms page in your account.
  2. Go into your Landing Page.
  3. Click the Share tab toward the top right.
  4. You'll see a dropdown with your link, and a note about WordPress options.
  5. Click on click to copy to select your link.
  6. Hit ⌘ C or control C to copy the URL.
  7. Use this link you've copied to point subscribers to your opt-in! 

Once you copy that link you can use this anywhere to let people know how to sign up! Put it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else!


"Can I embed a Landing Page on my site?"

Landing Pages weren't designed to be embedded on web pages, but you can do this with the WordPress plugin! This only applies to WordPress sites.

"Can I change the URL of my Landing Page?"

Landing Pages are hosted by ConvertKit, unless embedded using the WordPress plugin. 

"What do I use to gather leads from places like Facebook or Instagram?"

For adding a Form to a Facebook page, find out more here. The best way to gather subscriber from your Instagram is to link to your Form directly using the share link for you Landing Page or Form (directions listed above).

Check out this article on The Difference Between Forms and Landing Pages: FAQ