The Internal Survey Method

If you have multiple topics and interests on your list, an easy way to segment your list and deliver specific, targeted content would be the "Internal Survey" method.

This method works best as a Sequence, so you can prompt new users as they opt in.

In one email in your Sequence, you ask your list to click a link that best identifies themselves and their interests. These links are  link triggers, and they would add a tag based on what they click.

Let's say you write about paddle boarding. You want to know the skill level of your audience, so your email would look something like:

Click the option below that best describes your skill level:

I've never paddle boarded before, but I want to learn!

I've gone paddle boarding a few times.

I've been paddle boarding for awhile, I'm pretty good.

I'm a total paddle boarding expert!

Each of these options would be a different link, that would add a tag. So "I've never paddle boarded before, but I want to learn!" would be attached to the tag "Newbie," for example. Now you can write specific emails to Newbies about basic skills, and write more customized content to the other skill levels. This also allows you to know how many people are in each segment, which can help you tailor your website content as well.

Because these are link triggers, clicking on them should lead your subscribers somewhere. You can lead them to a simple page that says "thanks, your response is received!" but if you already have content--blog posts, videos, etc--that matches each skill level, why not direct them to a personalized page? You can direct your Newbie to a video showing how to stand up on a paddle board, or a list of common beginner mistakes.

Where should the links lead? 

The best solution would be to send them to a group of blog posts, videos, or any content that is relevant to their selection. In the example above, you could send your "I've never paddle boarded before, but I want to learn!" folks to a Paddle boading 101 video on your website, delivering them value while also getting more information about their interests. 

If you don't have a page to send them to, that's ok! The most important thing about a link trigger like this is that your Subscriber knows their click worked. It is best to send them to a page that makes that very clear to them, and we created a simple page for you to use:

This link can be added to each of your link triggers as the destination URL, so your Subscribers know that their click worked!