Acuity Scheduling Integration

Acuity Scheduling now has a ConvertKit integration built directly into their product. You can now add your customers who purchase products or schedule services directly into your ConvertKit email list right inside the Acuity Scheduling app.

How to configure the integration

Head to your Acuity Scheduling account and navigate to Business Settings. Select Integrations and then click on the ConvertKit logo.

Integrations in Acuity

You'll see a screen asking for your ConvertKit API:

Acuity API

You can find your API inside your ConvertKit Account tab like this:

Head back into Acuity and enter the API in the box provided and click "Connect to ConvertKit". Then you'll see this page:

next step Acuity

Choose the Form, Sequence, or Tag you want to connect your Acuity customers to and also select the opt-in question so it is clear that you have their permission to add them to your email list.

Note: You can only choose one location for your subscribers to end up. If you'd like to be specific about the appointment type that ends up on your list you can. Let's say, for example, that you had "New Client" and "Existing Client" appointments but only wanted new clients to be added to a sequence. To do that, just have the opt-in intake form question only show for the new client appointment types. If the form doesn't show up for an appointment, then that appointment won't be subscribed in ConvertKit.

To wrap it up, click Save and you're done!

For specific questions about the ConvertKit integration with Acuity, please contact Acuity support at