Create a Custom Header for your Email Template

At ConvertKit, we like to keep our emails clean and minimal, so we built our editor that way. 

We also know that including a standard header image is important to many people. So we created an option to create an email template, with your header image! We know, you love us. (The feeling is mutual!) 

Here’s how it works

First, the header image needs to be hosted on your ConvertKit account. To do this, upload the image to a new broadcast email. Name the subject "Media - Do Not Send". You won't always have to do this, but until we have dedicated media libraries for accounts, it will do (once you've added the image to your template you can delete this draft broadcast, or keep it around to add future images to).

Now click on the code editor of the email "<>" and find the snippet that starts with <img src and ends with .jpg>. It may end with png, depending on the image type. Here's an example:

<img src="">

Copy that snippet and paste it on to your computer's text editor (on a Mac, it's called TextEdit). For those who are shuddering about even looking at code, take heart. This is as easy as copy and paste! 

Now, go to your account settings, click email templates, then open the Text Only template. Copy that entire piece of code. 

Return to the email templates and create a new custom template. First paste the code from the standard template that you just copied over. Then go to the text editor and copy the image snippet for your header. 

Here's the exciting part:

On your new custom template, paste the image snippet in just below <div class="message-content">. Preview to confirm, and click save.

Congrats! You've just created a custom email template with your own image header! You can also accurately state that you've done a little bit of coding on your site. No more saying to people "Well I'm not a super coder person or anything." We know that you are! 

To use the template, select it at the start of any broadcast email, or apply it to a sequence email, in the settings, for that sequence. 

Happy coding! ;)

Here's a video overview of the process:

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