Edit a ConvertKit Template

ConvertKit comes with 3 templates, Text Only, Simple and Framed. The default template is Text Only, but you can set any template as your default, including a custom template. We can't technically edit these templates but in this article, we'll show you how to duplicate these template so you can make edits as needed and use them.

Go to your Account Page > Email Template.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.05.12

Open the 'Text Only' template (or your preferred ConvertKit template) and copy all the text.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.34.31

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.36.10

Create a new template, and paste your copied text into the box.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 10.51.40

Now, you can make edits to your template, while using our default templates as framework!

Some of the things you can do with a Custom Email Template: