How To Start A Sequence On A Specific Day

One of the main questions we’re asked in support and our  training workshops is this,

How can I start a sequence on a specific day?
There are many reasons you’d want to this, but a few of the main ones are:
  • Start a webinar follow-up sequence at a specific time/day (we do this all the time).
  • Seasonal sequence (like Christmas!).
  • New Year habit sequence.
  • Gathering interest for sequence idea.
  • Have all subscribers on the same lesson at the same time.

Here’s how you do it

Create a form or landing page for the sequence, as usual. You can create a tag rule for the form, but do not add a sequence rule.
Publicize, promote, and collect subscribers, as usual.
Create your sequence content, and make sure the first lesson is set to day 0, and each lesson is published.
On launch day, go to the form’s main settings, and scroll down to Sequence Settings.
Select your Sequence from the dropdown menu, and then click the boxes “Add existing subscribers to sequence” and “Make sequence mandatory for all new subscribers".
Once you click save, the existing subscribers will get the first lesson immediately. If you keep the form up, then future subs will start the course the day they sign up, like normal. You can also remove the form and have the sequence go in waves, so that everyone is on the same lesson at the same time.
Pro tip: if you’re running the sequence in waves, consider tagging the subs as completed once they’re done, so you can have a specific tag to pitch next-level sequences, products, and opportunities to them!

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