The Incentive Email

A Perfect Opportunity to Engage Your Subscribers

It's easy to dismiss your incentive email as 'just' the double opt-in. However, this first touch with your subscribers is much more. Read on to find out why.

First Things First

The Incentive Email is the email that sends immediately, when someone subscribes to your content. You may know it better as the Confirmation Email, or just as part of the double opt-in process. We call it an Incentive Email, because we deliver your signup incentive, while asking for confirmation-- turning a two-step process into just one!

Double opt-in

A powerful function of your incentive email is the double opt-in. A double opt-in has one main functionality: keeping your list healthy and active. It also protects against spam email addresses, which would crowd your list, and lower your open rates. Finally, this quick subscriber two-step is helpful for correcting misspelled email addresses, and reassuring your subscribers that their opt-in was successful!

The Subject Line

Here is your first contact with your brand new subscribers! By default, the Subject line is "Important: Confirm your subscription." However, like many fields within your ConvertKit account, this subject is customizable. A good suggestion is to include in your subject line information regarding your Incentive. This can even help your subscriber to spot this first email more quickly.

The Email Message

This text box is customizable as well as HTML capable. Text entered here will appear above and below the button in the email. Just make sure to keep it short and sweet, all aimed toward your subscriber taking that one action: click that button.

The Incentive Email uses your default template. For best results, use the Text Only template, or create an Incentive specific template and set that as your default template (you can edit your templates on a per Broadcast or per Sequence basis as needed).

The Big Moment: Your Incentive

If you have created a great lead magnet, (and we know that you have!), the incentive email is the best place to deliver this to your readers. You will simply attach your free content, or gift, as an incentive download, into your email. Once your subscribers click the button, it will start downloading. Let the incentivising begin!


Here you can upload a PDF, zip file and more.

Customize A Personal Thank You

At this step, you can choose to direct your subscribers to your own custom thank-you page on your website. This works well if you have a freebie vault, or just want to give them more extras on your website. Or just take this opportunity to thank them personally. Take the time to create that connection with your subscribers from the beginning.

Incentive Email Settings

Auto-Confirm, or single opt-in

"Auto-confirm new members" means that subscribers will be confirmed right when they opt-in. By default, this is turned off for the Incentive Email. If both options are selected, the email will not be required for confirmation, but it can still be used for incentive delivery.

You can check or uncheck the box next to "send incentive/double opt-in email to confirm new subscribers." If unchecked, by default the Auto-confirm option will be on and the Incentive Email will be turned completely off.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 08.17.06

What is "Send subscriber data to Thank you page?"

This is an option built for specific integrations, like Digital Access Pass . Unless your integration asks you to do this, leave this box unchecked.

Incentive Email Troubleshooting

Currently, the personalization tags will not work in the Incentive Email. So you can not use {{ subscriber.first_name }} in the email or the subject line.

If you see light blue bars or unexpected styling on your email, check your account's default template.

At the moment it’s also not possible to add images to your incentive email.

A Few Clever Extras

Customizing Your Button

Remember: everything you can click, you can edit! For example, if you're providing something to download, you can edit your button to say "Download the PDF,” or, β€œGet My Freebie Now!” The best thing to remember is to make it sound like you!

The Confirmation button matches your Form's Confirmation button. This means that, once you select the button color for your Form, this color will also be reflected in the Incentive Email to match! (Note: If you're using any third-party form builder, you may not have styled your forms at all. This means your Incentive Emails will have the default blue button.)

Need A Few Ideas To Get Started?

Here are a handful of suggestions for personalizing your button:

For webinars:  'I'm in!'

Free chapters: 'I want to start reading'

Checklist: 'Give me my checklist'

Free sequence: 'Let's get started'

Now you have all the tools to make the best first impression possible. Ready? Set. Go!

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