SumoMe Integration

Update: Connecting SumoMe to any email provider now requires SumoMe Pro. If you have already connected SumoMe to ConvertKit, your connection will not be broken, but you will not be able to connect any new features to ConvertKit without upgrading. You can still collect and manually import a CSV for free. 

I'm so excited to announce that ConvertKit and SumoMe are now fully integrated. This is something we've been working towards for a long time. And it's been requested by hundreds of our customers.

SumoMe responded to the demand and their awesome dev team built the integration last week. We've been testing it over the weekend and it works great.

Click here to install SumoMe in less than a minute.

If you aren't already familiar with them, SumoMe offers the most powerful marketing tools online—and they are all free to start.

My favorite SumoMe tools are:

  • List Builder to increase your daily email sign-ups by 20%
  • Heat Maps to see where your website visitors are clicking (or not)
  • Welcome Mat to create your highest converting page
  • ... plus a ton more that are equally awesome.

Get 12 free SumoMe marketing tools

Activate SumoMe + ConvertKit

Once you have SumoMe setup you can just go into the Services section to connect to ConvertKit. Just select us from the list and enter your API key. From there you can select which ConvertKit form you'd like your subscribers to go to.

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