Visual Automations Conditions

Conditions For Your Subscribers!

Like Actions, Conditions are also polite, waiting until the previous step has completed. The difference between a Condition, and an Action, is this: Conditions ask a Yes or No question, and then direct the subscriber, based on their answer.

Conditions are indicated by a purple color, but it’s just a nice color, no hidden meaning. There are two types of conditions:

  1. Does the subscriber have a tag?
  2. Does the subscriber have a custom field? Two sub-questions here:
    1. Does the custom field exist?
    2. Does the field content match the value provided?

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Condition Examples

Take 1: A subscriber completes a sequence, and you want to direct them different ways based on a tag or custom field. If a reader clicked the buy button, but did not purchase, you could send them a follow-up sequence, based on that “interest” tag.

Takeaway: conditions are also patient, but then ask a question and directs the reader based on the answer. Basically “one of these two things can happen”.

Take 2: You attend a conference. Once you have your badge, you notice a purple dot on it. When you go to find a seat, the usher looks at it and says, “Oh, you have a purple dot! Please go sit in the front row, there is a seat there for you!”. Think of the purple dot like a tag, and the condition is asking, “If the subscriber has the tag ‘purple dot’, then do this”.

You can use conditions a number of different ways, to switch subscribers through different sequences based on tags they have as a result of link triggers, purchases, custom fields, and much more.

One more for the road: Let’s say you are hosting a webinar, and want to deliver a follow- up sequence, based on whether or not the subscriber has the tag, “attended webinar”. Create a condition that asks, “If the subscriber has the tag ‘attended webinar’, then do this”. “This” could be delivering a specific sequence for attendees, while those without the tag are sent a separate sequence, or have a delay added, or nothing.

Essential takeaways

  • Conditions are polite, waiting for the previous step to be completed (just like actions).
  • Conditions ask a question that defines the next step.
  • Conditions can be defined based on the presence of a tag or custom field, and if the custom field matches the value entered.

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