Connect a form to a sequence

Let's get 'em talking! 

Your form and your sequence were made for each other. When your subscribers opt into your form, a great way to engage them immediately, is to drop them into a Welcome Sequence. (Read more ideas for this here.) In order for this seamless transition to work, you will want to connect your form to your sequence. Here we go! 

Find Your Form Settings

Click into your form > Settings. From here, you'll stay in those main settings, and scroll down. You'll see the option to select a sequence to attach to your form! (Brilliance!) 

(Of course, to be able to select a sequence, you need to have already made your sequence. Just in case, click here for how to create a sequence.) 

Save those settings, and your form and your sequence are now the best of friends! Want to see this in action? Check out Nathan's quick tutorial below!

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