1. Creating Forms

Everything begins with creating a form! To get started, click on Create New Form. 

Once you've selected that you'd like to create a Form, and not a Landing Page, (more on that  here), you'll need to choose they style of your new form. Right away, you'll notice that we have already added three form templates to choose from. Each option will display an example of how it will look, and you can simply select that, and move on to the next step. 

If you're looking for a little bit more than what we've done for you, you can think about  customizing your opt-in form as well. 

Make It Pretty 

Once you've selected your form style, you'll then be able to get started on the editing! Remember, anything you can click on, you can edit. This includes the name of the form, the button text, the title, and more! You'll also have the ability to click on the magic wand icon, to edit colors. 


Once you've made your form look fantastic, you can choose to direct subscribers to a thank-you page, or another url. This lets the subscriber know that their click worked, and they're on their way! 

Incentivizing Your Readers

Once you've gone through your form settings successfully, the next step will be setting up your confirmation email. Or, as we like to call it around here, your Incentive Email. We have a great article all about  how to set this up, and we highly recommend you check it out!Something to note is the importance of sending your subscribers a double opt-in. This two-step process creates a list that is both confirmed and engaged, which will lead to long-term list growth, and sustainability. A single opt-in is faster, and you will see that option as well. However, subscribers who click to confirm, and to receive their incentive, are far more successful at staying with you for the long haul! 

Watch & Learn 

Want to see Nathan walk through a quick form creation? Check out this video!

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