ProgressAlly Integration

To begin your ProgressAlly Integration, simply log into your ProgressAlly account. From there, if you're not already on the ProgressAlly screen, simply mouseover "Your Current Programs" and select ProgressAlly as shown:

Next click on the "simply click here to go to the download page" link highlighted in red below:

This should take you to a screen where you can download the plugin and get your registered email and serial key info (you'll need these later). Download the plugin somewhere easy to find like your desktop or standard download folder.

Next log into your Wordpress site and click on Plugins in the sidebar. From there you'll want to click add new at the top. 

Proceed to the next screen. Click on "upload" then select the file you downloaded earlier and upload the plugin zip file into Wordpress. Once its installed, click Activate Plugin.

Once you activated the plugin, simply look for ProgressAlly on the sidebar and click on that. Here, you'll see a screen like the one below. Enter your registered email and serial key from earlier then click saved.

Once you've saved, the setting screen should refresh and show several options. Choose tagging and from the CRM dropdown, select ConvertKit. Then go to to grab both your API keys and enter them respectively. Then save.

Finally, when you're done with that, please go here to see video tutorials on how to get those tags to work:

Click on the ConvertKit tab for the ConvertKit specific instructions. That's it!

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